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Aquaphobia Coach

Certificate in Teaching Aquaphobics

CTA 1 is presented as 10 bite size modules, learn at your own pace, on the go, or at home. Whether on your phone, tablet or computer, CTA 1 has been designed to suit your needs as a working swimming teacher, looking to advance your skills, knowledge and business opportunities. The student coach is taken through the content engaging with real water phobic clients. Meeting each one in the reception to hear their own stories, how and why, they became Aquaphobic.

Focusing on one lady, Anne-Marie who becomes your first aquaphobia client. This includes going through the interview process and assessing her % level of aquaphobia. Learn how to teach the IOA Self-Help tools, construct a lesson plan based on the 12 stages of the ALP system. Be part of the global Aquaphobia Angels Network.

You will also get the coaches ALP lesson planning App, record and retrieve all your lesson plans on your digital devices and so much more.



If you have already taken CTA 1 separately, you can also buy CTA 2 & join in on any of the CTA 2 bundle courses. CTA 2 (only) £139.00


“Advanced Aquaphobia Coach”


C/PD 2 is a 4.5/5 group-based training session that further expands upon the theoretical elements of CTA 1 in a live online classroom environment, either on Zoom or “in person” both are tutor led. Great for discussions and an interactive learning experience with up to 10 other like-minded swimming professionals.

This C/PD 2 explains how to apply the “theory” into real world practice.

Case Studies: Each candidate will be given a case study sheet from a real Aquaphobic person. This gives an in-depth insight into how much a traumatic water related experience has affected that individual’s relationship to aquatic activity and many other aspects of their lives. Each candidate is asked to take on the persona within their case study, pairing up with another attendee and both taking turns to play the role of the Aquaphobic person and then the swimming teacher. The ALP induction interview: Staying in their pairs we undertake the ‘ALP P.A.R’ Q&A. 25 questions developed with the University of Chichester to give the Aquaphobic swimmer a total percentage figure of how phobic they really are. The ALP Fear Curve: Explains on a single chart the theory behind Aquaphobia and how through the ‘ALP’, swimming teachers can desensitise clients from their phobia. Candidates are required to assess where they think their case studies are on the ‘fear curve’ and consider how this affects their planning & assessment processes.

ALP lesson planning:  Using the ‘PAR Q&A’ results, case study, a skills audit form and the ‘ALP teachers 12-stage manual’; Candidates are asked to create an ALP lesson plan appropriate to the needs of the Aquaphobic (played by their partner).

Pool Test: Either “in person” observed by your tutor or send in a “short video” (5 to 10 minutes long) of you undertaking your 2 ALP lesson plans. This should be in the pool with a helper or real aquaphobic person (paid or voluntary). Upon successful completion of this task CTA 2 e-certificate will be issued.